Adiba wants to give her mother a hand

Adiba in der Schule
Adiba in ihrem neuen Englischkurs

Adiba (13-years old) lives with her family in the capital city. She is a 6th grader in the SultanRazia High School. Her father has been unemployed for many years and the family has to live from her mother’s modest salary. Adibas mother earns 6000 Afghani (about 100 U.S. dollars) per month as a cleaner in a kindergarten.

The family lives in very poor conditions. As the oldest of five children Adiba feels the burden of responsibility that weighs on her young shoulders. While she describes the desperate situation of her family, tears swell up in her eyes. She would like to support her mother and contribute to the livelihood of the family. Adiba’s hope is to finish school and become a teacher.

The association "Trees for Peace" helps Adiba get a step closer towards the realization of her dream on this difficult path. She has become the opportunity to visit a private English course. In return, she has planted a tree in the nearby public sidewalk close to her home and willingly committed herself to caring for it in the long-term.